Our Unique Approach

We employ a practical way to understand and influence growth and the underlying drivers of business profitability.

Why we approach problems differently

While simplicity and the quick fix may seem appealing, complex systems resist simple solutions. A bandaid solution can hinder growth by hiding the real way forward. For example, hiring for "formula-driven sales" while still validating a Go To Market strategy. This can result in missed sales or having to replace key personnel.

Instead of searching for problems to fix, we identify the stage the person or system is in now. We endeavor to understand what is happening, or “trying to happen.” From this vantage point we can see more clearly (often surprising) opportunities.

Sustainable responses

Imposing ideals doesn't work. We draw from well-known "habits of highly effective companies", but
we tap the wisdom already resident in your organization for information about what's really needed next.

We explore options for change and growth appropriate for your system’s maturity. Then we facilitate the discovery and development of viable solutions via rapid prototyping and incorporation of new behaviors and corresponding organizational architecture.