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Why The CEO Studio?

Technology-intensive start ups are notorious for encountering speed bumps, conflicts, unexpected shifts in the marketplace, and numerous moments when it may be crucial to veer from the current path. How the CEO, board, and executive team responds will matter. Unfortunately, it's easy to lose your way or to take a wrong turn. Often, counter-intuitive moves are required, and the mixed signals and chaos in the moment can mask what's really needed.

It's also very difficult, and sometimes not wise for the CEO to turn to the management team or the investors for help when conflicted about which way to proceed. Despite being surrounded by people all day, the CEO role is one of the most lonely or isolated jobs around!

If you have a mentor who has successfully grown several companies from zero to a billion or realized exceptional liquidity events, AND who has lived through business failures, then you probably don't need this program. But if you're like most CEO's, you probably don't have a mentor that fits the bill.

That's where SVB's CEO Studio comes in. This is designed to be a special environment, like an actor's studio, where in the safety and the company of peers you can:
  • Anticipate what lies in wait for you - the kind of defining moments that can make or break your company or career;
  • Prepare, rehearse and pressure-test solutions and creative ways to respond; and
  • Extend your support network and connections.

Together we discover, develop and learn how to shape what's needed next.