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3D Breakthroughs

In today's fast-moving, ever-changing business environment, it's easy to get stuck or find yourself less than confident about which way to proceed.

We enable you to
regain a sense of clarity so you can act accordingly. Whether coaching, conducting an analysis of the business, or designing and leading an organizational transformation, we help you get the business results you need now, plus the capability to succeed in the future.

We bring a proven and repeatable process for innovation we call 3D Change.

There are three phases:

We help you uncover hidden forces affecting your business. This sheds light on where to focus for maximum impact. You get a more accurate view of what’s happening and needed on all levels: for key individuals, the leadership team; your offerings, the company; and for customers, suppliers and partners.
We show you how to create solutions and responses that leverage your distinctive genius. Because we utilize rapid prototyping, you get innovative solutions and responses pressure-tested for viability.
We don’t leave implementation to chance. We help you incorporate key changes into your day-to-day operating systems and core practices. As a result, you cultivate the capabilities required for success in the next phase.
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